I teach Scaravelli inspired yoga in the Scottish Borders, with regular weekly classes and occasional small workshops, held in my studio.  Classes are suitable for all ages and levels. Private lesson can also be booked. Lesson are presently on Zoom.

I have been teaching yoga for over 30 years. I began yoga with Sophy Hoare, who met and practiced yoga with Vanda Scaravelli in Italy in the 1980s. I study also with Diane Long, who studied with Vanda since the 1970s, for over 20 years, and whom I visit in Italy. Christine Borg also visits to give workshops in my studio.

This is a beautiful form of yoga, that uses the breath and gravity to allow the spine to lengthen.  Pioneered by Vanda Scaravelli. It brings about an intuitive response and deepens awareness.  Although simple, there are many complexities, and even paradoxes . It demands vital attention from both body and mind. Through this approach many harmonious and deep connections are made within the body. These pathways invite play with the asanas, going with, through and beyond them.

In her introduction to Awakening of the Spine, Vanda wrote: “This yoga practise cannot be clearly prescribed or delineated, because the attempt to do so takes us further away from our understanding. There is already more to discover than we already know.”

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